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2D Art

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Few things are truly impossible

Stick to the plan

It is important to follow through on plans and keep your mind on the goal and not the get stuck on non issues.



Communication is key for any project to succeed. Tools needs to be used to enable good communication such as drawing and people skills.

Build worlds

I enjoy myself the most when I can create and give life to worlds.


To succeed you need to not be afraid to cut off non key features and give enough time to fail and polish at the same time.

29th Sep 2015

Click on shit Simulator2000

25th Jul 2015

Networked blob game

After working with some network code in .Net application I decided I wanted to try to give it a shot with a game as well. I had been playing the...

25th Jul 2015

2D side scroller in Unity

I decided that I wanted to learn how to make 2D side scroller Games in Unity. It turned out to be pretty easy with the exception of some hierarchy issues....

25th Jul 2015

The first Oculus game jam

Second half of 2013 started the first Oculus game jam! It was quite a lot of fun even though I was in the progress of getting hired for the first...

25th Jul 2015

Hello World

Hello World, today I decided I should start a blog project to share my spare time projects.   I will start with videos and with future projects I will try to...